• ●Sustainability
    Since the industrial revolution, manufacturing technology and usage has expanded and has increased negative impacts on our environment. The usage of natural resources and the pollution by-products has led to Climate Change and depletion of resources. All leading industrial countries must work together to improve the effect of industry, so that human living standards can move forward.
    Sky Printing Co., Ltd. has always been focused on its environmental responsibility. What we take from the earth must be returned. As we upgrade our capabilities, we must focus to mitigate our environmental impact.
    Therefore, Sky Printing Co., Ltd. has achieved ISO14001 and QC080000 certification and insists on HSF production policy by using non-toxic and recyclable raw materials.
    In 2013, we earned FSC forest production certification to minimize the use of indigenous forests, which play a key role in climate change mitigation.

    ●Employee Safety and Social Compliance
    Sky Printing Co., Ltd. treats every employee as family. We pay a fair wage to allow for a good living standard, and we provide ongoing training and seminars for team members to develop their skills.
    Moreover, we ensure that working hours meet legal requirements, we refuse to employ child labor, we forbid worker repression, and constantly improve the working environment. This allows our entire team to complete their work in a safe and dignified work environment.
    We have earned certifications from international organization such as BSCI, Sedex, OHSAS, etc., as well as the GSV global safety, anti-terrorist certification.

    ●Stepping Onto the World Stage
    With our notable achievements in QC, color management, sustainability, labor relations, and continual investment, our enterprise is elevated to an international platform.
    Our customers are globally recognized and among the best brands in the industry. We have achieved qualified certifications from major global retailers, including Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Walgreen’s, Best Buy, Lowe’s, and Sainsbury; we are a nominated packaging partner to their suppliers.