Exceptional Location

Sky Printing Co., Ltd. is located just East of Dongguan City, right in the center of the highly developed Pearl River Delta region, just a 3 minute drive from Dongguan-Shenzhen express way.  This location has direct transportation links via the G94 expressway with Guangzhou, Foshan, Humen, and Zhu Jiang.  The Shenzhen Special Administrative Region is located to the south, and to the east is Huizhou City and eventually Shantou.  Hong Kong is accessible in just 30-45 minutes by High Speed Train.  

With our location and transportation network access, we can easily meet with our customers as they do business in the region.  And finally, we can deliver our products to these locations and more, and ship globally via the nearby Shekou and Yantian Ports.

Leading Technology

● Color management

Today, sophisticated printing techniques are even more important to develop high-quality packaging design.  Even minor variations can have a negative impact on a perfect presentation. 

Sky Printing Co, Ltd continues to be a pioneer in our industry on color management control.  Each work station type is closely monitored:  colored printing proof, color printing machine, CTP(computer to plate), and color database control.  This results in a significant reduction of variances in the final product that could be due to any technical or worker error, and creates color consistency during each process.

Starting from when we receive artwork from customers through the final product, we follow international quality testing standards using the most advanced precision machines under the surveillance of highly trained operators.  These operators evaluate and perfect the final result based on the use of both expertise and data. 

In 2016, Sky Printing Co., Ltd. took a big step forward into the field of Big Data and Industry 4.0 production.  We invested in the latest German printing equipment with 6-Color capability and 1.45-meter width, and added the real time detecting system in production for variance detection.  Despite high speed and complex algorithms, even the smallest difference can be detected and reported. The database connects pre- and inline production, and artificial intelligence drives self-corrections during production. 

Our customers value Sky Printing Co., Ltd. printing color controls, and we have also received industry recognition with the G7 International Printing Standard Certificate. Through years of experience and hard work, and with 3rd party certifications as a result of our customer’s nominations, Sky Printing Co., Ltd. is well positioned to become the leading packaging and printing supplier. 

Professional Manufacturing

● Color management

Sky Printing Co., Ltd. is fully equipped with final finishing equipment. From surface finishing, hot stamping, auto platen cutting machine, bonding and many special finishes; we can completely and perfectly complete many packaging designs.  From the latest sample-cutting platform and laser cutting machine, we can provide customized modifications to complete every customer request. 

● Focus on Quality

Sky Printing is an initial adopter of the GMI certification standards, which brings the highest level of quality control to packaging.  With a stringent focus on quality, safety, process, and execution, Sky Printing is in the top tier of the GMI printers.
Sky Printing Co., Ltd. has a complete and continuously updated training program to support our focus on quality and protection of the products during packing and transport.  
Since 2008, we have received numerous international quality standard certification such as ISO 9001, 14001, and QC080000.  We have also invested heavily in upgrading and updating the testing and equipment facilities, including the paper burst test, edge pressure testing, high/low temperature circulating test, wear- resisting test, drop testing, and vibration testing.
With rigorous testing, we can ensure all our products can withstand the stress of transportation and handling, in order to ship from our facility to global customers. 

● Complete Solutions

Sky Printing Co., Ltd. has transformed from a basic printing manufacturer into a packaging cooperative to respond to the customer requests.
Our formats include printing of colored boxes, hangtags, self-glue stickers, manuals, leaflets, handmade gift boxes, poster catalogs, product shippers and displays, and also plastic products. 
We also invested and upgraded our capabilities for innovation and development of new products, with packaging design resources, management of customer color standards, and customer service for color management.  

Value and Culture

Value Added – Sky Printing Co., Ltd. continues to set new aggressive goals for the company.  In the long term, Sky Printing Co., Ltd. will always follow its core values of innovation, development, and service first, and continue to improve its enterprise and product value with professional and hardworking attitude.

We appreciate all opportunities given to us by our customers because the satisfaction of our customers is the foundation of our company.  We will always assign the attention and resources needed to accomplish the goal.

For Sky Printing Co., Ltd. talent is our most valuable asset.  Every team member is an asset that helps us deliver on our values with our customers. 

Sustainable Growth

Since 1998, Sky Printing Co., Ltd. has navigated through the changes of global finance, global trade, customer growth, upgraded customer requirements, and environmental protection legislation. 

To respond to internal and external changes, Sky Printing Co., Ltd. has evolved, not hesitating to develop new business practices, capitalizing on and embracing new experiences for our operation.  In 2015, we aggressively retired low productivity and obsolete machines, replacing them with top equipment from all over the world to keep our industry leadership position.   

Today, Sky Printing Co., Ltd. is a leader in the packaging industry.  Following the science, algorithm, and feedback concept from Big Data, we’ve replaced traditional manual (human) evaluation with artificial intelligence.  We also use the concept of Industry 4.0 “Smart Factory” to partner with global customers and expand our linkage to the world market via the Cloud technology.