• Professional Manufacturing

    ● Color management

    Sky Printing Co., Ltd. is fully equipped with final finishing equipment. From surface finishing, hot stamping, auto platen cutting machine, bonding and many special finishes; we can completely and perfectly complete many packaging designs.  From the latest sample-cutting platform and laser cutting machine, we can provide customized modifications to complete every customer request. 

    ● Focus on Quality

    Sky Printing is an initial adopter of the GMI certification standards, which brings the highest level of quality control to packaging.  With a stringent focus on quality, safety, process, and execution, Sky Printing is in the top tier of the GMI printers.
    Sky Printing Co., Ltd. has a complete and continuously updated training program to support our focus on quality and protection of the products during packing and transport.  
    Since 2008, we have received numerous international quality standard certification such as ISO 9001, 14001, and QC080000.  We have also invested heavily in upgrading and updating the testing and equipment facilities, including the paper burst test, edge pressure testing, high/low temperature circulating test, wear- resisting test, drop testing, and vibration testing.
    With rigorous testing, we can ensure all our products can withstand the stress of transportation and handling, in order to ship from our facility to global customers. 

    ● Complete Solutions

    Sky Printing Co., Ltd. has transformed from a basic printing manufacturer into a packaging cooperative to respond to the customer requests.
    Our formats include printing of colored boxes, hangtags, self-glue stickers, manuals, leaflets, handmade gift boxes, poster catalogs, product shippers and displays, and also plastic products. 
    We also invested and upgraded our capabilities for innovation and development of new products, with packaging design resources, management of customer color standards, and customer service for color management.