• Sustainable Growth

    Since 1998, Sky Printing Co., Ltd. has navigated through the changes of global finance, global trade, customer growth, upgraded customer requirements, and environmental protection legislation. 

    To respond to internal and external changes, Sky Printing Co., Ltd. has evolved, not hesitating to develop new business practices, capitalizing on and embracing new experiences for our operation.  In 2015, we aggressively retired low productivity and obsolete machines, replacing them with top equipment from all over the world to keep our industry leadership position.   

    Today, Sky Printing Co., Ltd. is a leader in the packaging industry.  Following the science, algorithm, and feedback concept from Big Data, we’ve replaced traditional manual (human) evaluation with artificial intelligence.  We also use the concept of Industry 4.0 “Smart Factory” to partner with global customers and expand our linkage to the world market via the Cloud technology.